The Power of Facebook

Photo: Kelly Gray

Sharing a story today from the small town of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, which points out the power of Facebook.

A random Good Samaritan named Kelly Gray posted on her Facebook page that three dogs were left outside in the extreme cold we’ve been experiencing here in Ohio: The dogs in the Kirby puppy mill are freezing with no water and no one takes action! Who can help!! She also uploaded a few pictures and a video of the cold Beagles. The post was shared over 6700 times, prompting action from the Wyandot County Sheriff and Humane Society. Although one dog was found already dead, 23 dogs were rescued. As you might imagine, he Wyandot County Humane Society is asking for financial assistance to help care for the pups.

It’s not the first time recently I’ve seen the fantastic results that can come from a Facebook post. Just before Christmas, my Charlie cat developed a blockage in his urinary tract. This is the third time it’s happened, and I still owe my vet over $1,000 from the last time, when he had surgery to relieve the pressure. If you don’t know cats, you might not know that urinary tract problems happen often to male cats, and they can be fatal if left untreated. Because it was nearly midnight and because I couldn’t afford another costly vet visit, I went to Facebook and asked people if they had any good home remedies for pain. My plan was to get Charlie through the night, then take him in to be euthanized because I just can’t keep doing this – it’s too expensive.

Out of the blue, a total stranger posted that she was a vet, but didn’t want my money. She told me to come to her house and she would treat Charlie for free. I was a little skeptical, but figured nothing she could do would be any worse than euthanasia. I wasn’t really scared for my personal safety because she lives in a very nice neighborhood. So, off I went. She gave him painkillers, as well as medicine to relieve stress and to open up his urethra to let the crystals pass. Within a day he was using his litter box and within a week, he passed the entire obstruction. She even came to my house to follow up after his original treatment.

I am so thankful to have my Charlie back to his old self. I’ve started him on new food and switched to distilled water, which is supposed to help.

So, my point is if you have a need, let people know! You can’t predict where help will come from, but Facebook is a great place to start. I also belong to several “lost and found” groups and rescue group pages, and have seen many pets find their way back home or to a forever new home after being featured on Facebook.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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