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2015 Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals

Those incredible dogs are at it again! Tune into Livestream on Saturday, May 30th from 2 – 9 pm to catch all the action in weave poles, small and large dog agility, diving dog, Jack Russell Hurdle Racing, Fetch It, and Freestyle flying disc.

Get a preview of the events on the Purina Pro Plan website. (The video here is from the 2014 National Finals in the Jack Russell Hurdle Racing.)

I can’t wait!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Animal Planet Gears Up for the Super Bowl

I just love watching Animal Planet while I wait for the Super Bowl to start. I knew the 11th Annual Puppy Bowl would be on this afternoon, but I was flipping through channels this morning and came upon another show that I hope will be an annual competition for them.

The show was called America’s Cutest Dogs, and it was a compilation of cute dog videos from the Internet. My favorite one is shown here, but it didn’t even place among the finalists.
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