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Saturday Survey: Dog Laws

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-police-dog-image28155320I posted this week about a couple of laws that are working their way through state legislatures. Assuming your state doesn’t already have strong animal welfare laws that can realistically be enforced, which law would you most like to see passed (or improved) in your state?

What dog-related law do you most wish your state would pass?

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The End is Near for Breed-Specific Legislation in Ohio

If you didn’t live under a rock last fall, you may remember the exotic animal keeper in Zanesville, Ohio, who let his animals run loose before he killed himself. Lions and tigers and bears were found running loose and unfortunately, had to be killed to protect people living in the area. For a long time, Ohio has been at or near the bottom of the rankings of states for animal welfare laws. Changes are now being made, starting with the state’s treatment of dogs.
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