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Puppy Ad Pulled from Super Bowl

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Just heard that GoDaddy has pulled its controversial ad from the Super Bowl after a huge negative response. The ad was previewed on The Today Show, where the hosts expressed their horror. Then a Change.org petition was started, which drew over 42,000 responses. I’m pretty sure GoDaddy is getting more FREE publicity over this gaffe than they would have from simply airing the commercial during the game.
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Saturday Survey: Marketing with Dogs

We’ve all seen them – the really cute Budweiser commercials that have adorable puppies interacting with the Clydesdales or the Honda commercials that have those beautiful Weims sitting in the van. Obviously, someone has convinced companies that having a dog in the commercial makes us more likely to buy their product. Is this true?
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Taco Bell dog dead at 15

chihuahuaEarlier this week, handlers of Gidget, the chihuahua made famous by starring in Taco Bell commercials, announced that the dog suffered a massive stroke and had to be euthanized at the age of 15.

Now some tasteless bloggers have noted that Taco Bell has a new chalupa filling, but this blog would never go there.

The idea for a talking Chihuahua was first pitched to Taco Bell by two men from Michigan, but the company turned it down, afraid of being nailed by activists who thought it was too stereotypical.  The company dismissed the two men’s idea, but then used it anyways, resulting in a $42 million payout after a later lawsuit.

Rest in peace, Gidget.  Vamos a extrañar.

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