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Wednesday’s Wild, Wacky World of Dog News

I’ve found quite a few news items of interest this week.  

First up:  Dog Stuck in Recliner at Assisted Living Center.  Firefighters in Naperville, Illinois responded to an emergency call from the Sunrise of Naperville Assisted Living Center, arriving to find 5-year old Ebonyser stuck inside a recliner after the electrical controls stopped working.  The terrier lives with 87-year old Ken Maris, who says Ebonyser has some nerve damage and is on pain killers, but is recovering well.  Firefighters had to saw the chair apart to get the dog out, while a nurse’s aid hung onto the chair to relieve the pressure on the dog. 

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Lost Dog Saves Boy’s Life

PawNation is reporting on a dog who was being fostered after running away from home.  While the dog was in foster care, one of his human companions, who happens to have Downs Syndrome, experienced a seizure. 

In true Lassie fashion, the dog was able to attract the attention of the boy’s mother and lead her to the boy in time to save his life!  Pretty darn impressive!

Read the whole story (much more eloquently told) here.

Kudos to all involved for making the right decisions about the family and the dog!

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We’d do anything for our dogs… well, maybe not murder

In a bizarre story, a man in Australia has been charged with killing his wife–because she wouldn’t let him cuddle the dog!

Anthony Sherna lived in a remote area of Australia with his wife Suzanne and their Jack Russell Terrier Hubble.  They had few friends, no nearby neighbors, and they pretty much relied on each other for their social life.  He made it a habit to cuddle and rock his dog to sleep at night while he listened to the radio.  Until one day last February when his wife started shouting at him for paying too much attention to the dog.

Apparently her shouting upset the dog so much he was shaking badly and couldn’t be comforted for some time (at the best of times, it took 15 minutes to get the JRT to bed).  Anthony was so angry that he snapped, grabbed a dressing gown cord and wrapped it around his wife’s neck.  As if this story wasn’t strange enough already, Anthony then took Hubble to a pet spa so that he wouldn’t have to confront his wife’s remains!

So the wife is dead, the husband is in custody–but the dog at least is alive and well.

A Jack Russell Terrier
What would you do for this sweet face?

Dog to take witness stand

Dog takes the witness stand

Believed to be a world first, a dog named Scooby will appear as a witness in a French murder trial.  Scooby is believed to have been with his owner, a 59-year-old woman, when she was found hanging from the ceiling in her Paris apartment.  As such, he is the only “witness” to her death, which police believe was a suicide.  Her family demanded a murder trial.

Scooby was brought to the witness stand in a preliminary hearing to see how he would react to a suspect, and apparently he barked furiously. It is hoped he will be able to collar whoever committed the crime. But not everyone agrees Scooby’s testimony will be all that useful. One lawyer said “Human evidence is unreliable enough, let alone canine evidence.”