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Bonus Friday Funny: Dog Olympics

Olympic rings

From the Twitter feed of Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings):

i made a list of events. i think should be added. to the olympics

2. the 100m hardwood floor slide
9. least time between naps
3. walking on the opposite side of a tree. so your human has to switch the hand they are holding the leash with
6. floor routine. but it’s belly rubs

Sounds about right.

Until next time,
Good deal and good dog!

Saturday Survey: Dog events at the Olympics

Well, the Olympics started last night, and I’m glued to my television. My dogs, however, are less enamored – they’re sleeping through the whole thing. I have to think, however, if we were there, they’d be more excited. If you took your dog to the Olympics, what would he / she excel in?
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