Saturday Survey: Aggressive Dogs

With Michael Vick being released from prison this week, it made me think about aggressive dogs.  So, I’ve designed a VERY short survey to see how you would rate your dogs as far as aggression.

Click here to take the survey.

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Saturday Survey: Aggressive Dogs”

  1. My dog has never bitten anyone unprovoked out of aggression or protectiveness, and she only hurt someone once because another dog at the dog park got into a dominance challenge with her and my frankly stupid friend decided to walk over and pick her up (she’s a boxer, by the way), which she doesn’t like to begin with and she freaked out and bit him when he put her down. But he really had it coming and didn’t take it too hard. It didn’t even bleed, either. She also only tries to bite to tell the kids to go away because they hurt her. She can take a lot of rough play but when she’s ready to stop they don’t stop and try harder and harder to get her to play and end up pushing her around too hard and she gets mad. Once they all swarmed around her and tried to rough her up, which is fine when she wants it, but when there’s 12 of them she gets scared and they didn’t listen to me and thought it was fun to get her to try to bite them. But that really was not cool so I grabbed her and pulled her away if they weren’t listening because you don’t mess with a dog like that. Even now she gets mad at a little six-year-old when he messes with her sometimes, ever since the older kids all had her cornered.

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