Do They Get to See Pluto and Goofy, Too?

Walt Disney World is said to be in the design stages of a luxury pet resort.  The resort will welcome four-legged family members of resort guests as well as employees.

Suites will include television sets and raised beds, because God-forbid your pet should sleep on the floor.  Animals will be treated to play groups, nature walks, ice cream treats, and even bedtime stories.  Maybe they’ll read my favorite children’s book, “The Pokey Little Puppy”.


More Life with Jake

  My friend Wendy’s dog, Jake, has a habit of taking something outside with him.  At first, it was just dog toys.  Then, he started grabbing shoes on his way out the door.

Soon, he began grabbing things from the living room – the TV remote control, throw pillows from the couch, and blankets.  The last straw was when he laid claim to Wendy’s bra out of the laundry basket.  The neighborhood really got a free show that time!

We’ve Heard of Cat Naps, but…

Grandma had a dachshund named Gretchen.  One day, she couldn’t find the little weiner dog.  After looking high and low (mostly low), she decided the dog must have run away.  Grandma was so upset, she needed to lay down.

I helped her into her bed, but when she lay her head down, the pillow began to move!  Gretchen had crawled inside the pillowcase for her afternoon nap!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

Giles the Aerialist

  A friend of mine lives with a huge black lab mix named Giles.  When their neighbors bought a trampoline for their kids, everyone was surprised when Giles got onto the trampoline with them.

Giles had played with the neighbor kids on several occasions, even taking their small toys home to play with.  Soon, he was going over to jump on the trampoline, even when the kids weren’t home.

The fun finally came to an end though, when Giles decided the trampoline was his!  He wouldn’t even let the kids get on it at all!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

Doggie Profiling

Looking for a new member for your family, but not sure what breed to choose? A controversial study from the American Veterinary Association shows that breeds can be placed in seven groups based on three general traits:

  •   Reactivity (described as showing a need for affection, excessive barking, snapping at children, being excitable, or having a high activity level)
  •   Aggressiveness (showing dominance or being territorial)
  •   Trainability (easy to train)

You can use this these groups to narrow down your search, based on what you are looking for in a dog.

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Dog trumps dad in some families, study reveals

Shannon Proudfoot of Canwest News Service reports that while plenty of people describe their pets as members of the family, a new study shows that for the most devoted dog owners, Fido outranks some two-legged loved ones.

Dog lovers report being as attached to their pooches on a series of standard relationship measures as they are to their mothers, siblings, best friends and significant others, and even closer to them than they are to their fathers. The most striking results came from those most attached to their pets, but even among a general sample of 111 college students living with dogs, people say they crave their dog’s company as much as some human family members. Continue reading Dog trumps dad in some families, study reveals

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