June 17, 2017


Be careful out there!

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Dogs in Hot Cars

June 13, 2017

Photo courtesy WPVI.

Photo courtesy WPVI.

For those of you who are still suffering under a heat wave or are expecting a hot summer. It has happened again. Police in New Jersey had to rescue a dog (and a two-legger!) who had been accidentally locked in a hot car. WPVI, 6-Action News, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia reports on the scary incident. [Read more]

Havin’ a Heat Wave…A Tropical Heat Wave

June 11, 2017

Source:  Weather.com

Source: Weather.com

From the good folks at weather.com:

Temperatures will soar into the 90s for several days in many cities.

Record-high temperatures are expected from the Midwest to the Northeast into next week.

Humidity levels will also increase, making it feel even hotter.

Make sure your dog has plenty of shade and cool water while outdoors, check on them often, and let them stay inside as much as you can.

If your dog has to be outside, consider freezing some treats and small toys inside a bucket of water. Place the bucket in the shade, and they can find the treasures as the water melts.

All of the above strategies are even more important if your dog has thick or black fur.

If your dog is hairless, make sure you use sunscreen to protect his or her delicate skin.


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Firefighters Rescue Siri the Border Collie

May 15, 2017

Photo courtesy Anne Arundel County Fire Department

Photo courtesy Anne Arundel County Fire Department

From NBC4 in Washington, DC: Maryland firefighters had an interesting rescue run over the weekend when an 85-pound Border Collie named Siri fell into a 8-foot sinkhole near Annapolis.

Although it was deep, the sinkhole only measured about 2-feet by 2-feet, making it tricky for the firefighter to be lowered into the hole to get the dog. But, 90-minutes later, they were able to get the dog to the surface.

Siri was very much in need of a bath, but was otherwise fine.

Kudos to all the firefighters who took the time to care.

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Limited Recall of Blue Buffalo Canned Dog Food

February 15, 2017

BlueFrom the Blue Buffalo website:

February 13, 2017

Dear Pet Parents,

I am writing to inform you of a recent development concerning a very limited number of cans of one of our wet dog food diets. Last week, we were notified by one of our suppliers of the possible presence of aluminum in one of our production runs. [Read more]

Refuting Allegations of Abuse on A Dog’s Purpose Movie Set

January 26, 2017

On the Ellen Show, Dennis Quaid discussed the controversy about possible dog abuse during filming. Quaid wasn’t present during the part of filming purporting to show the abuse, which was shown on an apparently heavily edited TMZ clip; however, he says he didn’t witness any hint of abuse while he was on-set.

Don’t believe him? Here’s a post from author W. Bruce Cameron’s Facebook page, about the alleged abuse: [Read more]

Not a Fun Road Trip

January 13, 2017

Who does this? Poor baby!

This happened along I-95 in Flagler County, Florida, just north of Daytona Beach. The woman posted the video on Facebook, but couldn’t get a license plate number. I hope they weren’t going very far, but even 1 mile is too dangerous on the highway.

If you know this dog or this family, please contact the police!

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Friday Funny: Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets

October 21, 2016

ff-pill-stealerA great funny picture, with a bit of a serious message for your Friday.

Keep those pills locked up! (And the Halloween candy, too.)

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Guest Post: Keeping Your Dog Safe on Halloween

October 19, 2016

Halloween Pumpkin Dog Isolated On BlackToday’s Guest Post is written by Paige Hawin, a lifelong pet keeper, animal shelter volunteer and German Shepherd lover. She currently works in the UK with pet transport specialists PBS.

For many of us, Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year. In 2015 Americans spent an astonishing $7.9 billion on Halloween, which works out to $93.42 per household. With 64% of us reputedly celebrating Halloween each year. It’s all too easy to get caught up in all the fun – and to forget about our beloved dogs.
[Read more]