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101 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Dog

My new book is published!  I put together a book of tips all prospective dog guardians should read before bringing home a new puppy or even a grown dog.  Everything from the fact that they pee on or chew up all of your possessions to the fact that some day you will have to put them down.  The book features 126 pages and over 100 full-color photographs, and is available only online.

As a blog reader, you can purchase this book at a $2 discount by using the discount code HW5UFEP4 at this website.

After you read it, please let me know your opinion!

Happy reading!

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Flappy Dog Toy

flappyI got an e-mail the other day from Fucini Productions, the company that makes a new toy called the Flappy.  It’s a chew toy with a cylindrical body, and  tails on both ends that “flap” to enhance your dog’s enjoyment.  The picture here shows braided tails, but on the model I received, they were unbraided.  They have five types, each in four different sizes:

  • The durable, reinforced green and blue woven fabric of the Tuffy Flappy make it a great all around dog toy. Not only is it tough and strong, but it squeaks, too!
  • Soft, cuddly and crinkly – that’s the Fluffy Flappy! Covered in a sherpa-like fabric, Fluffy Flappy features flaps that crinkle, making it great for puppies or other dogs with a craze for crackle.
  • Teething puppies will love the surprisingly durable Fleecie Flappy’s soft and cozy fleece because it feels good against tender gums, and older dogs will love it because it cleans gums and teeth as it’s being chewed.
  • For the dog who loves rope toys, there’s Flossy Flappy, the bright pink Flappy with flaps made of yellow cotton rope. Flossy Flappy is all-natural, sturdy cotton canvas, and it squeaks, too!
  • Ideal for retrievers and water dogs, the bright blue and orange nylon Floatie Flappy has a floating rubber core and is weighted for tossing during retrieval training or canine sports. The bright colors make it highly visible in the water.

They even sent me a couple of them to try out on my dogs.  Here’s the scoop:  my dogs LOVED the Fleecie Flappy, even though they are not teething.  However, (and perhaps because they aren’t teething puppies) they were able to totally destroy the toy in a day or two of rough play.

They weren’t wild about the Tuffy Flappy.  It does look a lot more durable than the Fleecie, but if they don’t play with it, I’m not sure it’s worthwhile.

Now, at this point, I have to tell you, that Cooper (my Vizsla) plays by the toddler rules of ownership:  if I see it, it’s mine; if I think you want it, it’s mine; and if you touch it, it’s definitely mine!  So, while he tried to hog the Fleecie, I squeaked the Tuffy to try to get him interested in it.  He came over and took it out of my hand (both toys are now in his mouth), but he dropped it again as soon as he was sure I wasn’t going to take it away from him.

Now that the Fleecie Flappy is gone, we’ll see if they turn to the Tuffy.  I really think they just don’t like the texture, taste, or whatever of the fabric.  It’s the same basic toy as the other one and has the same squeaky noise, but it just doesn’t appeal to them as much.

I hope you won’t take this review as totally negative, because while it lasted my dogs had a BLAST with the Fleecie Flappy.  Penny even took it outside and gave it a good dragging through the mud.  My youngest didn’t want them chewing on mud, so he washed the toy.  It handled hand-washing very well and is advertised to withstand machine washing, although we didn’t try that.

Have you tried this toy?  Did your dog have a different opinion than mine?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

EPA takes action on counterfeit flea & tick treatments

Thanks to friend-of-the-blog Steve for sending this important information.

What action is EPA announcing?

EPA, in cooperation with its state and regional regulatory partners, is announcing the issuance of stop sale, use, and removal orders to retailers and other distributors of certain counterfeit pesticide products for control of fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. The stop sale, use, and removal orders are intended to disrupt an effort to distribute counterfeit pet pesticides. The counterfeit pesticides appear to have been unlawfully imported and were packaged in cartons designed to look like legitimately registered pesticides available in the U.S. under the trade names “Advantage” and “Frontline.” The orders prohibit retailers and other distributors from distributing or selling the counterfeit pesticide products and require their proper disposal.

Why is EPA taking this action?

EPA is responsible for assuring that all pesticides sold in the United States do not cause adverse effects under EPA-approved label use conditions. The counterfeiters have placed foreign labeled applicator package inserts in counterfeited Advantage and Frontline retail cartons printed to resemble the U.S. -registered products. Frontline products, among other things, may be missing instruction leaflets bearing directions for use required under U.S. law. Further, the Frontline applicators may not be in the required child-resistant packaging. In addition to the inadequate labeling and packaging, consumers cannot be assured that the counterfeiters inserted the appropriate size applicator for the animal pictured or otherwise indicated on the retail carton of either the Advantage or Frontline products. So, use of the counterfeit products may put the treated pet at risk.

Are all of the Frontline and Advantage brands of pesticides counterfeit?

Consumers should be aware that the Frontline and Advantage brands of pesticides are registered by EPA. The manufacturers of these two product lines are not implicated in the enforcement actions EPA is announcing. However, product inventory that may be available at the retail level at this time could include both counterfeit and legitimately registered and marketed pesticides. Therefore, EPA is advising you about this problem and recommending that you determine whether the product you are considering or have purchased appears to be a counterfeit of the EPA-registered pesticides.

What products are affected by this action?

The following are brand names and EPA registration numbers of legitimate products. The counterfeit products may use these same names and numbers.

* Frontline Top Spot for Cats (EPA Reg. No. 65331-2)
* Frontline Top Spot for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 65331-3)
* Frontline Plus for Cats (EPA Reg. No. 65331-4)
* Frontline Plus for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 65331-5)
* Advantage 10 for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 11556-117)
* Advantage 20 for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 11556-119)
* Advantage 55 for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 11556-120)
* Advantage 100 for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 11556-122)
* Advantage 9 for Cats (EPA Reg. No. 11556-116)
* Advantage 18 for Cats (EPA Reg. No. 11556-118)

Go to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website to learn how to determine if you have purchased legitimate products, who to contact if you didn’t, and how to dispose of counterfeit ones.

Check your boxes!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

An Answer to the Potty Patch mystery!

I did a boatload of research today and finally tracked down the owner of the Potty Patch business.  Many of you have wondered what was going on with this company, since you sent in your credit card information, but never received your product.  See my previous post here.  (Special note to VPinTenn:  Thanks for the phone number!  Unfortunately, I could never get through – kept getting “all circuits are busy”.)

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Dog’s Indoor Potty Patch = Identity Theft Scam????

After my last post on the dog’s indoor potty patch, I received numerous comments about people submitting their credit card information, but never receiving their product.  This makes you wonder why the company is collecting credit card info and whether or not it is a scam. 

As you know, I have tried to get a response from the company, as well as from Animal Planet, where their ads run.  However, no luck so far.  My next recommendation is that anyone who submitted information to try to buy an Indoor Potty Patch should fill out an identity theft complaint form through the Federal Trade Commission’s web site – let’s see if that gets any response.

Please let the rest of us know if you get an answer.  Thanks!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

New Features on has launched an exciting new feature: a searchable directory where dog-related businesses can post information, pictures, and contact information for FREE.   Each business receives a free web page including text and up to six pictures.  Quick links on each listing lead you to the business’ email and web site if they have one, and to an interactive map so you can easily find the business.  You can search by zip code in categories such as veterinarians, groomers, boarding kennels, dog sitters, and trainers.


If you own a dog-related business, be sure to sign up your business for your free web page now!


A companion feature, community forums, is also newly available.  In this section, you can ask questions and socialize with other dog lovers.  Some forums are specific to a particular breed, while others focus on support after the death of a beloved pet, lost and found dogs, behavior and training, and dog photos.  This feature is also free to join and free to use.


What are you waiting for?  Click over to the directory or community forums today!


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Health Insurance for your Dog



With special thanks to Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM, author of Speaking for Spot:  Be the Advocate your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life.


Now that so much advanced technology is available to diagnose and treat your dog, costs for vet care have risen dramatically.  Although veterinary health insurance has been around for a good long time, it is only recently gaining popularity with consumers.

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