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Saturday Survey: Where Will You Get Your Next Dog?

Our Top Ten Tuesday post this week focused on questions you should ask a breeder before picking out a dog, which got me to wondering, where do my readers get their dogs?  Whether you plan on getting your next dog in a week or in ten years, what’s your plan for choosing the best dog for your family?

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Shelter Sunday: HALO / Phoenix, AZ

Meet Amos, a black-and-tan hound living under the guardianship of Helping Animals Live On in Phoenix. According to the HALO website:

Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog….and although I don’t cry ALL the time I will let you hear my deep and beautiful howl. My name is Amos and I am a 2 year old Black and Tan Hound. I sure act a lot younger the way I jump, run and flail my long legs around. Needless to say I will need some training and a LOT of exercise to learn my manners but I promise you won’t get bored with me! I keep all the staff and volunteers at HALO on their toes with my silly antics and deep howl. I get along well with other dogs that want to have a good time like I do! My favorite thing to do is wrestle but I also play with toys. If your current dogs aren’t too active I probably would be a bit overwhelming for them and it would not be a good match. I am great with people and although I would knock down younger kids I would love to have older children to play with. I do very well keeping my crate clean all night, so housetraining shouldn’t be a problem. Also keep in mind I am a hound and I have a great sense of smell and boy do I use my nose a lot! It is a necessity to have a very good fence around your yard for me, because once I get the whiff of summer bar-b-q’s I will be off like a rocket! My adoption fee covers my neuter, vaccinations, de-wormers, microchip and collar with tags. If you are looking for a goofy and loving boy and have the time and energy to work with me then I am definitely the boy for you!

If you’re near the Phoenix area, why not stop by HALO and check out Amos.  And if you’re not in Phoenix, check out shelters near you in PetFinder’s  Shelter Center.

Tuesday’s Top Ten: Ways to help black shelter dogs

I posted last Friday about Black Dog Syndrome:  the lower adoption rate shelters see for black dogs than for lightered-colored ones.  Here (reprinted from Black Pearl Dogs) is a list of 10 ways you can help.

 1) Spay and neuter your pets. Urge those around you to do the same.

 2) If you can adopt, please consider adopting a black dog who is waiting just for you.  *”Many beautiful black dogs are overlooked—and, sadly, euthanized in disproportionate numbers”.

 3) Sponsor a black dog or open your heart and home to foster care for a black dog (if you can’t adopt), in a rescue or shelter so they can open their doors to another black dog on death row without worry of finances.

 4) If you can’t sponsor or foster, make posters for a black dog you find in a shelter or rescue to **advertise** their need of a home on community bulletin boards, vet offices, pet stores, your work office board, the company newsletter, the school paper.  Gain permission from the sponsoring rescue or shelter first.  Include the Blackpearldogs webpage address as part of the advertisement so interested people can understand more fully the plight this waiting BlackPearl faces. See one womans brilliant work

 5) Go past your apprehensions and stretch yourself: walk a black-dog-in-waiting in a park and advertise to all that s/he needs a home. They will appreciate that you left your comfort zone so they could (hopefully) enter into one.

 6) Volunteer to take them to obedience classes to attain skills that will make them more adoptable to the average family or teach them an endearing human greeting (like sit and shake).

7) Share this webpage address to let all dog lovers know how wonderful and in need a black dog is in today’s’ canine adoption community.  We at Contrary to Ordinary are not a rescue facility. We know there are many cogs to make the wheel turn and we are fullfilling our niche of being an educational platform to get the word out so those gifted with other talents (ie foster care, transportation, fund raising, placement and adoption matching) can fulfill their niches to help the waiting black dogs out there.

 8) Start your own rescue…just for black dogs rescued off euthanasia row.  They can be found easily and it can be done just one dog at a time. Be inspired by the Starfish Story and Stop the Killing .  

 9) Click on “Free To A Good Home” and read Brutus’s story. Help a black dog (or any dog for that matter ) avoid this fate. Prepare your own rescue aids using the tools found here at Sun Bears Squad.

10) For those with savvy or flair: coordinate a “Tux and Tails” event for your local shelters or rescues.  Gather up all the black coated critters waiting to find their forever heart and “do the bubbles” to make all fresh and clean.  Add a tux (red or white) bow tie or a snappy collar (Bison Designs has brillant ones) and provide these waiting pearlies the opportunity to “run way” their stuff and become available for folks to appreciate them out of a dimly lit kennel run. You could even go as elaborate as every hour have a “walk” set to music with cards read that share what they already know: sit, down, off, fetch.  I am guessing some of the pearlies would even do a demonstration of what they have to offer.  Have a table set up to take applications or to donate financially to support these waiting pearls.

 **The image that you make….i.e. the picture that you take….. may be the key to his or her being adopted by the right person. Black dogs are in desperate need of great photos in shelter listings. Practice using tips from “Photographing a Black Dog” to get your technique down before applying to help all the shelter animals have a better photographic chance to meet their future forever person.

Second Chances for Jailbirds and Jail Dogs

New hope for shelter dogs in prison program
New hope for shelter dogs in prison program

Innovative prison program teaches dogs and men

At Wakulla Correctional Institute in Florida, an inmate reaches into his pocket and finds a dog biscuit for Pooh, a Husky-Labrador Retriever-Chow mix. Pooh gobbles the treat too enthusiastically and the inmate pushes him gently and firmly to the floor to calm him. Settled down, Pooh licks his hand.

Not too long ago, things looked bleak for Pooh. He was big and unruly and no one wanted to adopt him. Then Pooh got lucky and became part of a new program, Paws in Prison. Working with “dog whisperer” Jay King, inmates are taught how to train a dog, giving them useful skills and providing pound pooches a second chance.

The dogs move in with the inmates for two months, sleeping in kennels pushed right up against the bunks. King teaches them that it isn’t rocket science to train a dog–to teach them stability you have to be stable. He teaches them to train with kindness and treats, never harshness or punishment.

The end goal is to give the prisoners valuable skills that they can use outside prison (some dream of one day opening their own dog training schools), and to rehabilitate otherwise un-adoptable dogs to help them find forever homes.

Special Week

Did you know?  May 4th – 10th is not only Be Kind to Animals Week, it is also National Pet Week.  AND, the month of May has been designated as “Go Fetch!  Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month.”  So why not consider fetching some food and taking it to your local shelter. 

Even NASCAR star Kyle Busch is getting involved in helping shelter dogs. 

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