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New Features on has launched an exciting new feature: a searchable directory where dog-related businesses can post information, pictures, and contact information for FREE.   Each business receives a free web page including text and up to six pictures.  Quick links on each listing lead you to the business’ email and web site if they have one, and to an interactive map so you can easily find the business.  You can search by zip code in categories such as veterinarians, groomers, boarding kennels, dog sitters, and trainers.


If you own a dog-related business, be sure to sign up your business for your free web page now!


A companion feature, community forums, is also newly available.  In this section, you can ask questions and socialize with other dog lovers.  Some forums are specific to a particular breed, while others focus on support after the death of a beloved pet, lost and found dogs, behavior and training, and dog photos.  This feature is also free to join and free to use.


What are you waiting for?  Click over to the directory or community forums today!


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GPS tracking for your dog

The Dog Lady is back! Did you miss me? I’ve spent the last 3 days searching for my two runaways – the police brought them home this morning. I’m definitely getting a gps system this weekend, since I can’t convince my kids that the doors need to stay shut.

Keep checking in’s dog den for an upcoming article on gps systems for lost dogs. After doing the research for the article, I’ve decided to go with the RoamEO system. It’s more expensive than some of the systems, but I’m not into paying a monthly fee, and I like the fact that I can track up to 3 dogs with one receiver.

I’ll let you know how it works the next time my dogs escape.

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Robot cleans up dog hair

There’s a new robot on the market, designed specifically to clean up pet hair.  A new level of housekeeping technology, or is it “for the dogs”?

iRobot Corporation, the makers of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, have just introduced the Roomba Pet vacuuming robot. It’s designed to pick up hair and other stuff left behind by pets, with a large sweeper bin to hold lots of Fido-fur and special cleaning tools to clean hair and dander from the brushes.

At nearly $400 it may not be a bargain, but for someone continually challenged by the amount of dog hair around the house it might be just the thing!  It could also be a cool gift for any dog owners who are also “gadget geek” that love to have the latest electronic devices.

Robot-vacuum specially designed to deal with dog hair

Dog Cloning Explained

How much would you pay for an exact replica (at least physically) of your beloved pet? RNL Bio of Seoul, South Korea hopes to clone dogs commercially at a fee of $150,000 each. It’s first commercial clones, from a Pit Bull named Booger, were born recently, to the delight of Bernann McKinney.

The original Booger saved McKinney from an attack by another dog, then became an assistance dog during McKinney’s recovery. This remarkable dog passed in 2006, but McKinney now has five exact dupicates, thanks to the cloning process developed by Lee Byeong-Chun.

Here’s how it works: skin cells from the original dog provide the DNA, which is combined into an egg cell from another dog. Before combining, the nucleus of the egg is removed to eliminate the donor’s DNA from “contaminating” the clone. The cell begins to divide in a petri dish, then is implanted into a surrogate mother to be carried for about two months until they are born.

The company hopes to attract as many as 300 canine customers per year, and hopes to branch out into camel cloning for Middle Eastern customers.

McKinney, as the first commercial customer, got a real deal on the process, paying just $50,000. No word on how much of that went to the surrogate.

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Kayla’s Dog DNA Update

Loyal readers will remember I sent away Kayla’s DNA to see what she is made of on June 29th.  I received an e-mail last week stating that my order had been received and was in process.  Before the results are in, any guesses?  She has the coat of a German Shepherd, but a curled tail like a Huskie or Chow.  She’s just a bit bigger than my Golden Retriever.  Also, she is on the aggressive side.  We saw her mom, who I thought looked a lot like a Border Collie.  From her picture above, what would you say?

Dog-Lover = Car-Buyer???

Honda has decided that a key demographic of potential car buyers in Japan is that they love dogs!  (Of course, who doesn’t?)  In fact, the Japanese have more dogs and cats than they do children under the age of 15.  As a result, Honda has begun designing cars specifically to be canine-friendly and even has a website devoted to the initiative:  (It’s in Japanese, but you can look at the pictures.)

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It’s a Dog’s World

The American Pet Products Manufacturing Association estimates that people in the United States will spend $43.4 million on their animals this year, as compared to a paltry $41.2 million in 2007.  What is it that we’re spending so much of our disposable income on?  Laura Bennett, CEO of Embrace Pet Insurance has this to say about pet trends in 2008.

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Bottled Water for the Dogs

Flavored Water for Fido!
You can’t just reach into the fridge at 7-11 and grab a regular ‘ol bottled water anymore. There seem to be more flavors of water these days than kinds of pop. Jumping on the latest trend is a new brand from Colt Beverages, Inc. called Fortifido, variety of bottled, flavored goodness for you dog.

The bottle water for Fido comes in four flavors, each full of vitamins and minerals to supplement your dog’s food nutritional plan.

The four Fantastic Fortifido Flavors are:

  • HEALTHY BONES: (Peanut Butter Flavored) Formulated with Calcium added to help maintain healthy bones in adult dogs.
  • FRESH BREATH: (Spearmint Flavored) With Spearmint added for fresh breath for all stages of life.
  • HEALTHY JOINTS: (Lemongrass Flavored) Formulated with Nutrients added to to help maintain healthy joints in adult dogs.
  • HEALTHY SKIN: (Parsley Flavored) Formulated with Zinc added to help maintain healthy skin for all stages of life.

Fortifido will be available at retailers soon.