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Southwest Airlines Steps Up to Help Animals Caught in Hurricane

After the horrible news published earlier, I had to post this feel-good story from the Twitter feed of Southwest:

If you click on the photo, you’ll get to see all the great pictures they took, even if you don’t have a Twitter account.

Kudos to a fantastic humanitarian (animalitarian?) effort!

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Shelter Sunday: The Facts Behind Dog Adoption and Rescue

Pet Adoption: The Numbers Behind the Need

Pet Adoption: The Numbers Behind the Need: Developed by Orvis.

This infographic comes to us from PetFinder and Orvis. I thought it would be good to put up in place of my normal Shelter Sunday feature because it can help lots of pets rather than the one I choose to showcase each week.

I also wanted to show this because I plan to post several items about purebred dogs this week, so I wanted to balance it out a little.

It’s a lot of information to digest, but take a few minutes and try to absorb it. Some of the numbers are hard to fathom.

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Shelter Sunday: Steph’s Story

Dogs ShelterIf you’re a regular reader, you know my Shelter Sunday feature usually focuses on one particular dog at one particular shelter. However, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed today, I came across this story, and it really touched me so I wanted to share it with all of you. The author is Steph King Phenix, who works with Last Hope K-9 Rescue in Boston. She really hits the nail directly on the head.

I usually like to focus on happy rescue stories, but given recent discussion around rescue dogs on my Facebook I feel like I need to go in another direction this time. Thirty one people from our rescue just got back from a 5 day trip to Arkansas. We paid our own airfare and expenses and stayed in the homes of AR fosters and volunteers. Thank you to my friends and family who donated for our projects, without you we would not have been able to do as much work as we did. Continue reading Shelter Sunday: Steph’s Story