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Tuesday Top Ten: Shelter Donation Needs

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve begun posting an adoptable dog from a shelter each Sunday.  It’s true that one of the biggest needs shelters have is for people to foster and adopt the dogs they have in their care.  However, if you can’t adopt a dog, there are many other ways you can help your local shelter.  Here’s our list of the top ten things they need. Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: Shelter Donation Needs

Dogs on the Reservation

Rez dogSteven Sable has designed a photography exhibit called “The Rez Dog Biographies” to highlight the plight of desert strays.  What got Sable interested in the topic?  On a landscape photography trip in the desert Southwest, he stopped to take a picture of a deserted highway in Arizona.  Along came a stray to see him, and Sable, an animal lover, adopted the dog on sight.  Although the sheltie/corgie mix was only about 3 years old, her teeth looked like they belonged to a senior citizen.

Continue reading Dogs on the Reservation