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Hey Mister: Go Get Your Dog

Re-posting on the off-chance that this is actually true – you never know!
On Feb. 13, a dog, identified by only his given number, A441782, was taken to the San Bernardino, Calif., city animal control.

The dog was brought in by the local police as a stray, but he has an owner, and right now, the public’s assistance is needed to help identify that man, and to help get him back to the facility to claim his dog.
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Savannah: Husky reunited with her family

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As many of you know, my dogs get out of my yard with alarming frequency because my kids often leave the gate open. We’ve been fortunate that they always come home or at least seek out a neighbor who calls the number on their tags so we can come and get them. But what do you do when your dog runs 800 miles from home? You rely on the kindness of strangers, that’s what. Check out this clip from NBC News’ “Making a Difference” series.

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There’s an app for that!

sniffing beagleWe have talked from time to time about the various ways of finding your dog when he gets the urge to run. I have a beagle, aka a nose with feet attached, so I know whereof I speak.  If you’re considering buying a pet locator, check out our comparison of brands here.

But I digress.  I got notification last week from the good folks at SpotlightGPS Pet Locator that they now have a free app for the iPhone that will allow you to track your dog’s location, as well as set up safe areas where the dog is allowed to roam.

Below is their press release.

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