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Shelter Sunday: New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Inc. / Blooming Prairie, MN

Meet Blitz!  Blitz is a 2yo purebred blue merle Aussie girl. She’s has one blue eye, one brown eye and a docked tail. She was turned in with Lillie at the shelter, as an ex breeder dog. She is a rambunctious little gal for sure and we are working on getting her to stay down, she loves to jump on people! She is really a great dog, especially when she settles down.  She loves to cuddle when she does settle down and she always has kisses to give.  She is a little slow to warm up to some men, but loves women.

Shelter Sunday: Western Plains Animal Rescue / Hays, KS

Meet Oscar!  Oscar is currently a resident at Western Plains Animal Rescue in Hays, Kansas.  According to their website:

Oscar is a 2 year old neutered Shih tzu mix who is looking for a good home. He was dumped on our porch here at the refuge and deserves a better life. He is very sweet and enjoys lounging.

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Shelter Sunday: Adopt-A-Dog, Inc. / Armonk, CT

This is Clyde. Clyde is an 8 Year Old Neutered Male Mastiff Mix who has been in a shelter since December of 2007. He is going to need an owner that is experienced in handling large breed dogs and behavioral issues. Clyde’s unsure of strangers – once he knows you, he’s a big baby.  He gets along with some other dogs, but does not like cats. Clyde’s a sweetheart, and has been waiting a long time for the right home to come along.

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Where do people get their dogs?

Pet SourceA recent survey of people who have gotten pets (cats as well as dogs) within the past 12 months. I thought the findings were kind of interesting:

25% got their pet from a family member
24% got their pet from a shelter (those making more than $55,000 a year are more likely to choose this option than those making less)
19% took in a stray
12% bought from a purebred breeder
8% bought from a pet store
5% kept the offspring of their own pet

In another finding, 42% of people who added a dog or cat to their family did NO research before making the move. This is scary because the number one reason why animals are dropped off at shelters is because the pet didn’t meet the expectations of the family. Kind of hard to have realistic expectations when you don’t do your research first.

Come back tomorrow to take our Saturday Survey so we can all find out if our readers mirror the general population or not.

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