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Shelter Sunday: Save the Animals Foundation, Cincinnati, OH

Welcome to a brand new feature on doggies.com.  Each Sunday, I will pick a shelter somewhere in the United States (at random) and feature a dog who is waiting for a forever home.  Even if you can’t take this particular dog, please consider going to your own local shelter and picking up a new member for your family.

Not sure where to go?  You can search PetFinder’s shelter database here.

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Where do people get their dogs?

Pet SourceA recent survey of people who have gotten pets (cats as well as dogs) within the past 12 months. I thought the findings were kind of interesting:

25% got their pet from a family member
24% got their pet from a shelter (those making more than $55,000 a year are more likely to choose this option than those making less)
19% took in a stray
12% bought from a purebred breeder
8% bought from a pet store
5% kept the offspring of their own pet

In another finding, 42% of people who added a dog or cat to their family did NO research before making the move. This is scary because the number one reason why animals are dropped off at shelters is because the pet didn’t meet the expectations of the family. Kind of hard to have realistic expectations when you don’t do your research first.

Come back tomorrow to take our Saturday Survey so we can all find out if our readers mirror the general population or not.

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Flying Chihuahuas????

Photo credit:  projectflyingchihuahuas.com
Photo credit: projectflyingchihuahuas.com

We posted a few weeks ago about the good work Katherine Heigl did in providing funding for a project to transport Chihuahuas from a California shelter to Nahua for adoption.  (See the original post here.)  Chihuahuas have recently surged as a status symbol in southern California, but many of the dogs are ending up in shelters when they don’t meet their owners’ expectations.

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