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Westminster 2016: 24-inch Agility

Belgian Tervuren DogThe winner for the 2016 Master Agility 24-inch class is Smartie, a Belgian Tervuren, finishing in a time of 35.24 and no faults. She also made it to the finals in the Obedience competition!

2nd place: Banshee, a yellow Lab, 39.92 seconds and no faults
3rd place: Shambhu, a Standard Poodle, 40.67 seconds and no faults
4th place: Ffynch, last year’s winner, a Border Collie, 42.31 seconds and no faults
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Westminster 2016: 12-inch Agility

Welsh Corgi Pembroke dogThe winner in the 12-inch Master Agility competition was Keebler, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who defended her title from last year. It’s especially amazing because she is recovering from being stepped on by one of the larger dogs at her house. Her time was 34.37 with no faults. And to think she almost wasn’t rescued – the shelter had to call her family at least three times and finally convinced them to foster the dog on a trial basis. They named her, so they had to keep her!

2nd place: Camber, a Papillon, with a time of 40 seconds and no faults.
3rd place: Dobby, an All American dog, with a time of 43.85 seconds and no faults.
4th place: Jett, a Schipperke, with a time of 47.29 seconds and no faults.
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Westminster 2016: 16-inch Agility

Tricolor sheltie dogFirst place in the 2016 Master’s Agility, 16-inch class goes to Cruzer, a Sheltie, with a time of 36.26 seconds and no faults.

2nd place: Bolt, a Sheltie, 32 seconds and a 10-second fault, total score 42
3rd place: Hailey, an All-American dog, 42.11 seconds, no faults
4th place: Lilac, an Australian Shepherd, 33.19 seconds + a 10-second fault, total score 43.19
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Westminster 2016: 8-inch Agility

Close-up Portrait Of A Papillon Breed Dog. Isolated On A White BThe winner for Westminster 2016’s 8-inch agility contest is Wren, a Papillon, with a time of 33.37 seconds and no faults.

2nd place: Quill, a Parson Russell Terrier, 39.21 seconds
3rd place: Gracie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 43.47 seconds
4th place: Squish, a smooth-coat Chihuahua, 40.36 seconds + a 5-second fault for a total time of 45.36 seconds
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Westminster 2016: 20-inch Agility Winner

Australian shepherd blue merle, lying, panting, 4 years old, isoHolster, the Australian Shepherd, takes the 20-inch agility class with a time of 35.10 and no faults!

Winning hearts and minds, if not the competition, was Shazam, the Border Collie who stood up on his hind feet to indicate his readiness to start.

Placing in the competition were:
Rusty, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, with a time of 39.68;
Bacco, a Portuguese Water Dog, with a time of 42.45;
Gitchi, a Golden Retriever, with a time of 32.53, with a 10-second fault, leading to a total score of 42.53.

Next up: the 8-inch class. Gotta love these ankle-biters! The jumps are barely off the ground.

(Please note: I don’t have access to pictures of the actual dogs, so I am supplying stock photos to represent the winning breeds.)

Westminster 2016: Master’s Agility

Agility - SlalomThe agility competition finals have started! The first dog, a Portie named Bacco, set a standard for the 20″ class of 42.45 seconds and no faults.

This course is a tough one, as is fitting for the top ten dogs in each height class from today’s all day preliminaries for animals who have already reached a master’s level in the sport. The dogs must go through 2 tunnels, a collapsed chute, an A-frame, a teeter-totter, a suspended tire, and numerous jumps. I get tired just watching!

The sentimental favorite so far? Tokali, a Vizsla who lost a lung in a 2010 Christmas Day accident. He was out there running with the best of them, and is currently in 4th place.

I’ll be live-blogging tonight’s competition, so check back soon if you’re not near your TV or if you don’t get FOX Sports 1 for the winners in each height class.

Saturday Survey: Westminster 2016

Photo:  Jack Grassa via WKC.org
Photo: Jack Grassa via WKC.org
It’s finally here! Westminster week! Will you be watching?

Will you be watching Westminster 2016?

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The schedule:
Masters Agility FOX Sports 1, 8 – 10 pm tonight
Conformation: CNBC 2/15 8 – 11 pm for Hounds, Toys, Non-Sporting, and Herding Dogs
USA 2/16 8 – 11 pm for Sporting, Working, Terriers and the all-important Best in Show

If you’re in Canada, Animal Planet will have the live shows on the 15th and 16th from 8 – 11 pm.

Can’t get to a TV? WKCLive.com will be live-streaming the breed judging from 8 am – 5 pm both Monday and Tuesday. The evening best in group and best in show competitions will also be live-streamed from 8 pm – 11 pm Eastern, with a time-delay on the West Coast so they won’t see it until 8 pm PST.

I can’t find anywhere that will be bringing us the obedience trials. Maybe next year?

As always, I’ll be live blogging both evening events, and I’ll try to post a few things from the agility competition tonight, as well.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Countdown to Westminster 2016: Meet the Breeds

MtB CostumeThe second part of the AKC / Westminster Meet and Compete event is Meet the Breeds. For this event, 150 different breeds will each have a booth set up to help you learn more about their favorite type of dog. For some of the rarer breeds, this may be the only opportunity you will have to see one in your lifetime.
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Countdown to Westminster 2016: New Masters Obedience Competition

Master and her obedient (rhodesian ridgeback) dogJust as the AKC added a Masters Agility Competition three years ago, they are now adding a Masters Obedience Competition to the festivities in New York City next week. The new event will be held at Pier 94 on Monday, February 15th, running concurrently with the daytime breed judging at Pier 92.
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