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Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Christmas dogJust in time for Black Friday, this poll from Associated Press and  shows that, in spite of the bad economy, more of us plan on purchasing holiday gifts for our pet than last year.  43% of respondents said they bought last year, while 52% plan to buy this year.

 One surprising stat that came from the study is that 60% of dog guardians will treat their pets to something special under the tree while only 40% of cat guardians will.  Similarly, and not nearly so surprising, is that over 60% of females plan to buy while only 40% of men plan to do so.

 Do you worry about your dog getting into the decorations?  Although only 14% of those surveyed said their pets had gotten into something in the past, but nearly 60% they do consider their pets when buying decorations.

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Tuesday Top Ten: Ways Dogs Get Lost

According to Home Again, one of the providers of micro-chipping for pets, these are the top ten ways in which dogs get lost:

10.  Getting lost during the turmoil of a natural disasters or emergencies.

9.  Wondering off while traveling

8.  Leaving the yard when the electric fence goes down.

7.  Digging under a traditional fence.

6.  Fleeing in panic during a thunderstorm or fireworks display.

5.  Going outside off-leash for a quick potty break.

4.  Slipping a poorly tied knot when the dog is tied out.

3.  Getting stolen while unattended.

2.  Breaking through a loose screen.

1.  Slipping out through a door left open by a handyman or delivery person.

Watch our dog den for an upcoming article on micro-chipping.

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Halloween Costumes for Pets

Check out the Today show’s viewers’ pets all dressed up & ready to go trick-r-treating.

They also had a segment on this morning’s show of professionally done dogs – my favorite was the princess from Shrek.  I can’t find these photos online yet, but they may be up on Today‘s site by the time you read this.  While you’re there, see if they have the segment where Lester Holt dressed up as Susan Boyle – it’s hysterical!

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Indoor “Potty Patch” Alternatives for Dogs

Photo Credit:  Patio Park
Photo Credit: Patio Park

OK, I’ll be the first to admit I never even thought about teaching my dog to use the bathroom indoors.  Of course, I live in the ‘burbs and can easily let my dogs in and out pretty regularly.  So, when I wrote the first blog post on the PottyPatch, I thought it was a rather unique product.  That post has turned into our top attraction, drawing more visitors than any other.  And apparently, that interest is not unique to  A simple Google search of “indoor dog potty” returned 7.9 million results!

Since I know by the wealth of page views and comments we have gotten about these devices that this is a topic near and dear to many of you, I encourage you to go read the article I just researched and wrote for our dog den about indoor dog potties.  The article reviews 10 of the PottyPatch’s competitors, hopefully helping you to sort out the pros and cons of each.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what your experience has been.

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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Gifts for Dog Lovers

Yes, I know it’s a little early for Christmas, but my favorite catalog of all time arrived at my house today, so I had to make this list for you.  In addition to having the funniest T-shirts I’ve ever seen (“Just be happy I’m not a twin”  and “Of course I’m right, I’m Italian” and “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel”), What On Earth has a whole section of dog-related gifts.  So, here’s the cream of the crop.

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