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Shelter Sunday: Just Us Beagles and Friends / Alexander, AR

This is Bo, a beagle currently living in a foster home for Just Us Beagles and Friends.  It’s no secret that I love beagles, so when I searched the state of Arkansas for a shelter to feature here, this was a natural fit.  And isn’t this a great picture?  Just like I’ve said several times – Beagles are simply noses with feet!
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An Open Invitation to all Shelters

I’d like to start a regular first-of-every-month feature on this blog, highlighting fundraisers & events at various shelters and rescue organizations throughout the US and Canada.  If you are affiliated with a shelter or rescue, please submit your event calendar to me (TheDogLady AT doggies DOT com) by the 25th of each month for inclusion in the next month’s feature.

If you know of someone who works at a shelter or rescue, please direct them to this post!  (http://doggies.com/blog/2010/06/27/an-open-invitation-to-all-shelters/)

Thanks for your help!

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Stamps for Shelter Pets

Did you know you can now help out shelter pets simply by mailing a letter?  Maybe it’s time to take a break from e-mail and paying the bills electronically so you can use some stamps now available from the US Postal Service.  According to their press release: 

The U.S. Postal Service continued a 50-year tradition today with the dedication of its latest social awareness stamp — Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet. The 44-cent stamps, on sale nationwide, feature photographs of five cats and five dogs from animal shelters and rescue groups. 

“As a pet owner myself, I find this campaign enormously gratifying. Because of these stamps and the Stamps to the Rescue campaign, more people will learn about the plight of shelter animals,” said Joseph Corbett, Postal Service Chief Financial Officer. “More people, we believe, will adopt shelter animals, fewer people will abandon their pets, more people will spay or neuter their animals, and fewer animals will suffer.”

HALO, the holistic pet company partly owned by Ellen DeGenerous, has pledged to buy food for 1 million shelter animals during the stamps’ roll-out campaign.

 For more information, check out Stamps to the Rescue

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Shelter Sunday: Save the Animals Foundation, Cincinnati, OH

Welcome to a brand new feature on doggies.com.  Each Sunday, I will pick a shelter somewhere in the United States (at random) and feature a dog who is waiting for a forever home.  Even if you can’t take this particular dog, please consider going to your own local shelter and picking up a new member for your family.

Not sure where to go?  You can search PetFinder’s shelter database here.

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Hilary Swank promotes dog adoption

Photo Credit: Wikifido

The Associated Press is reporting that Academy Award winner Hilary Swank will partner with Iams’  Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Campaign.  Their goal is to send 1.5 million shelter pets home in time for the holidays.

Although I never think pets under the Christmas tree are a good idea, I applaud this campaign because they are targeting the dates from October 1st through January 4th, so it’s not specifically targeted at giving pets as Christmas presents. 

Swank who lives with a cat, rabbit, several parrots, and a mixed-breed dog named Karu, points out that the older animals often found in shelters have “already gone through a lot of the training that cam be challenging for people.” 

Kudos to her for getting involved!

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PetSmart Adoption Weekend

If you are looking to add a new furry friend to your family soon, why not go to PetSmart this weekend. They are sponsoring A Second Chance for Love adoption weekend February 13 -15, 2009 at all of their stores, in cooperation with Hills brand dog foods. The goal is to find homes for 13,500 pets in need. They suggest you call your local store to check on what times the adoption agencies will be in each store.
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A sad tail…er…tale

Have you been following the news of pets that are being abandoned at record rates due to the economy?   Seems that those who have lost their jobs can’t afford to keep their pets, which makes sense, but boy what a hard choice to make.  I know, you have to feed your kids and pay your electric bill, but it sure would be hard to have to give up Fido just to make it through.  Continue reading A sad tail…er…tale