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Undercover, but not a cop…

I never knew sanitation workers could go undercover…only in New York City.

Apparently, The Big Apple is serious about its pooper scooper law.  Theo Otibu, a former Ghana police officer and UN monitor in Bosnia, is now an undercover sanitation worker in Brooklyn – watching for people who don’t clean up after their dogs.  Apparently, the sanitation department employs 15 people to enforce the pooper scooper law across the five boroughs… Continue reading Undercover, but not a cop…

A dog walks into a bar…

By TOM HORGAN, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Talk about party animals — a rowdy crowd of sloppy-faced, touchy-feely revelers regularly takes over the Nomad World Pub.

Guaranteed: You’ve never seen this much butt-sniffing in a bar in your entire life.

But what else would you expect? Every month or so, the Nomad World Pub literally goes to the dogs, with more than 50 canines and their owners invading the Minneapolis bar for a night unlike any other.

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11-year old student reviews “A Dog’s Life: Autobiography of a Stray”

From NPR:  Fifth-graders at Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, NC wrote about the imaginary personalities they most admire.  They then recorded their stories at WCQS, the local public radio station.  One student, Mark Federman, chose the dog Squirrel from “A Dog’s Life” because he felt a special bond with the dog.

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Why a Crate for Your Dog?

Save, secure and happy
I cringe whenever I hear a well-intentioned person say, “I would never put my dog in a cage.” That statement comes not from a well-informed perspective, but rather from our having grown up going to zoos and seeing the animals behind bars, primarily to protect US from THEM. A crate is just the opposite… it’s main purpose is to protect the dog from us!
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