Pix from Westminster Dog Show

Thanks to Carrie for sending me an absolutely hysterical picture of a dog being groomed for the show tonight.  Unfortunately, it’s copyrighted, so I can’t add it to this post, but you can see the whole slideshow here.  (The one I liked best was #11.)

I’ll have results from the first night’s competition posted early Tuesday morning.

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How are dogs euthanized in your state?




Not a topic we like to think about, but we all know that dogs are put down when shelters become over-crowded.  Do you have any idea how your state carries out the euthanasia?  In North Carolina, apparently, they use a gas chamber, which brings to my mind Nazi Germany’s death camps.  Not terribly humane, and apparently, not always effective, as this beautiful little puppy was pulled alive from the shelter’s garbage can.

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New Features on has launched an exciting new feature: a searchable directory where dog-related businesses can post information, pictures, and contact information for FREE.   Each business receives a free web page including text and up to six pictures.  Quick links on each listing lead you to the business’ email and web site if they have one, and to an interactive map so you can easily find the business.  You can search by zip code in categories such as veterinarians, groomers, boarding kennels, dog sitters, and trainers.


If you own a dog-related business, be sure to sign up your business for your free web page now!


A companion feature, community forums, is also newly available.  In this section, you can ask questions and socialize with other dog lovers.  Some forums are specific to a particular breed, while others focus on support after the death of a beloved pet, lost and found dogs, behavior and training, and dog photos.  This feature is also free to join and free to use.


What are you waiting for?  Click over to the directory or community forums today!


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